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Artist in Focus: Willisist


Real Name: Willis Lombard

Location: Vancouver BC

Genre: Drum and Bass (primarily)



Other Webpages:

Deep and rolling DnB, chuggy thick half time, positive uplifting celebratory enthusiastic music. Close your eyes and listen closely, there are layers, and shifts. You will end up in a different place, exactly where you are. For the love of Drum and Bass, this is Willisist, founder of the SHAHdjs and since 2007 he has opened or hosted for the likes of Om unit, Calibre, Dub FX, Dub Phizix, D-Bridge, Blu Mar Ten, Author, Breakage, High Contrast, Pendulum, Von D, Netsky and dozens more.

What is your favourite Set-up to play on? Serato with vinyl or CDj control. Each have benefits and drawbacks.

What are you favourite genre’s of music and why? Drum and bass, specifically moody rolling melodic stuff, there’s nothing that resonates so strongly for me personally.  I love all sorts of music, but every time DNB comes on it’s over.

What are your inspirations? Festivals and gigs, there’s nothing like imagining those situations to help craft a set. Specific artists: Calibre, Kir Mokum, Blu Mar Ten, dBridge, J.F.Killah, S.P.Y., it’s kinda a long list.

How long have you been making music? Well I actually don’t, It’s why I moved to Vancouver in 2000 but life took over, and now I’m way too busy putting shows together to put in the time I know is necessary.  Maybe someday when I’m older.

If you could play at any festival what one would you be your dream? Bass Coast is a dream and I’ve been lucky enough to play it a few times now. Shambhala is the next goal, and as much as Outlook would be a DnB dream I’m a big fan of bringing DnB to places that aren’t used to it.  Smaller intimate spots feel great.

Describe the feeling you have when in front of a crowd.  Best thing in the world.  When your in the zone and people are vibin right with you, and everything just feels comfortable and synchronized, man there’s just nothing more satisfying than that.

Who is your biggest fan? Ha, well there’s a few people in Van that I might call superfans, I’ve got some serious supporters for sure, my biggest fan is a bit tough to say though.

Where is your favourite place to preform? (you mean perform) Back Stage Lounge. It’s intimate, I usually am just opening so I’ve got freedom to play whatever I want, and the booth is a small stage it’s just comfy and roomy and clean with nice clean monitors right in my face and a bunch of familiar faces right there in front of me.

Do you have any mascot’s or charms? HA, sort of….they’ve been in retirement for a while but when we started we brought these light up ghosts called Spoka, red green and blue, they came to every show for about 2 or 3 years, even had facebook pages. They kind of faded out after a while.

What album best describes your life? Beats Rhymes and Life

Anything else you would like to say? Don’t follow trends, don’t beleive the hype, and don’t try to play what you think the crowd wants. Stay true to your own tastes and play what you want the crowd to hear.

High Priority Avatar

Artist In Focus: High Priority

High Priority
High Priority
[Parksville // Electro/Various // The Drop // Hype Bot]
BIO:Always having a passion for music and wanting make music better makes sense why This DJ is one to Remember with his ability to bring a blend of different genres in his High energy sets filled Electro, Melbourne, Trap and tons of mashups keeping listeners always entertained. 
Making his debut at the Leveltwo DJ Competition in January of this year, and eventually winning later in March. It’s been nothing but steady shows and steady progression making a name for himself playing all through out Nanaimo (Now having a weekly residency at 241) and several appearances in Victoria Rehab. Booked for several events throughout summer its going to be a summer full of excitement!
Coming from the small town of Parksville, BC expect big things in 2014!
Real Name: Darren Jenkins
Location: Parksville, BC
Genre: Melbourne Bounce/Electro/ Trap
What is your favourite Set-up to play on?
Well, currently I play on a Traktor MK2 S2, small, functional and does everything I need. Ideally I’d like some CDJ’s Linked up to my Mac with Traktor.
What are you favourite genre’s of music and why?
I listen to a a lot of different music, Electronic wise I play a lot of Melbourne, its a great sound in and outside of the clubs, and who doesn’t enjoy it?
What are your inspirations?
Got a few, on Musically on a bigger scale I look up to Deorro, MakJ and Whyel. Deorro for his production and his hard work creating Pandafunk! MakJ for really being a mashup God and now playing on the Mainstages at Ultra! and Whyel for the fact I’ve listened to him back when he was YoungLife with a little following on youtube to now playing in front of thousands and making a name of himself. On a local side gotta Give Brody aka B3LOW some recognition or I may have never left mixing beyond the confinements of my bedroom.
How long have you been making music?
Haven’t really started producing my own stuff yet! It’s defiantly on the agenda once things slow down. But I’ve dabbled in mixing and mashups in the past, wouldn’t say it was something I really took seriously till January of this year so going on 6 months.
If you could play at any festival what one would you be your dream?
Hands down Ultra or EDC Las Vegas! Realistically I hope to be playing to be playing at an event like Centre Of Gravity hopefully in a few years. But playing at Drop fest this summer is an event I’ve been looking forward to for months now!
Describe the feeling you have when in front of a crowd.
I love it, I get to do something I enjoy! showcase music I’ve found and mashed up being enjoyed by people that may become new fans after. No better feeling than people telling you they liked your set.
Who is your biggest fan?
Defiantly my mom and my sisters, always at my shows and putting up with me making mixes and mashups at home.
Where is your favourite place to spin?
Tough one I’ve played at a lot of venues in the short time hard to pick just one. I Think really anytime the crowd is EDM friendly lets me have some freedom in what I want to play is a favourite for sure!
Do you have any mascot’s or charms?
Not really, pretty sure You’ll never see me not wear a hat so, guess its like a charm.
What album best descirbes your life?
Can’t really say I can say an album describes my life, But theres really been one Album that I’ve grown up listening to my whole life and like every track on it is ACDC’s Back in Black!
Anything else you would like to say?
I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported me so far, “NO YOU = NO ME” – MakJ

DJ In Focus: Alias

Alias pic

BIO: Alias is a true producer and performer at heart . Growing up in a small up-island community he was raised on the records his parents had in their collection and learned to play piano from a very early age. An electric musician who comes from the heavy side of the music spectrum, has recently found his home in the Jazz and Funk influenced tracks of the electronic world. Alias mixes and produces a variety of styles from his own compound of Swing and Drum and Bass , to Hip Hop edits and Trap bangers, all the way to his signature melodic DNB/Drumstep/Dubstep. No BPM is safe when Alias is up on stage. A true musician at heart, he loves to write and produce his own tracks, but never turns down a challenge when it comes to spinning his favourite songs and what the crowd loves. Live remixes, mash-ups, and experimental improv dance tracks are all part of Leith’s arsenal of lethal mixes. Currently, he is producing his debut EP “Alias”, and hopes to release it early next year. Alias might be new to the scene, but he’s ready to prove he can spin with the masters. Artists He has shared the stage with. Kormac, Applecat, Dutty Moonshine, Jamie Berry (UK), Daniel Trump, Soulfix, Mykee, Synba, Tantric Decks, Xavier, Boom Human, Solomon, DJ J, Brontron, Pdizzle, Jack Rabbit, Skian, DJ Mrmachimself, B-Mid, Beat Junky, Mogwaan, James Dean, High Priority.

Check out His mix from SuperFriends @

Real Name: Leith Hynds

Location: Victoria, BC. Canada

Genre: Drumstep, Liquid Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Trance



What is your favourite Set-up to play on? APC 40

What are you favourite genre’s of music and why? Hardcore Punk, Ambient music, and Indy Dance

What are your inspirations? Fractal AUS, Alan Oldsworth, John Dom, Skrillex, Singularity, and Koan Sound

How long have you been making music? Playing music since I was 4, Making music since I was 13

If you could play at any festival what one would you be your dream? Shambhala in the near future, going big I would want to play at Ultra or Tomorrow Land

Describe the feeling you have when in front of a crowd. It’s very humbling. People are there watching what I do best. I’m always nervous but am happy to provide the beat!

Who is your biggest fan? Not sure… My mom most likely! She is always calling to check up on how a show went.

Where is your favourite place to spin? It was Rehab Nightclub…. R.I.P. Lucky bar is also a great place to play.

Do you have any mascot’s or charms? I have a Bualbasaur stuffy in my studio named “John”. Sometimes I put a sombrero on him and he becomes “Juan”. When he has his goggles on he becomes Steam punk “Juan”. He was there for the start and will be there until the end!

What album best describes your life? Alice’s Restaurant. I’ve lived a pretty normal life and it’s one of my favourite albums.

Anything else you would like to say? I’m excited to get more music out! I love being a part of the EDM scene and meet more people. I Love sharing my talent and look forward to continue to do more!

dara hoop

DJ In Focus: Daradata

Dara Data 2This brilliant bird may have danced circles around you back in the day, but now she is getting her feet nice and wet with frequencies that are lower than low. Although she loves to dabble in the new, her real passion is bringing back the old.. and she often finds herself smack dab in the middle of mixes that defy time all together. Inspired by bass exploration, she takes pride in pushing boundaries and loves to flaunt her expertise in double drop madness! Affiliations with FaceFirst Entertainment, The Drop, Hype Bot, DBlok Studios and SongFishSounds. Making that bass connection on a stage near you!

Real Name: Dara DeBin

Location: Duncan

Genre: Drum and Bass



What is your favorite Set-up to play on? I play on 2 cdjs and hop between usb keys and cds.

What are you favorite genre’s of music and why? Drum and bass in my home in the world of electronica. Being the genre I learned to mix with, I find it instinctual and natural to mix and create there. I have my guilty secret pleasures when it comes to mixing privately, however I tend not to let these genres be public knowledge ;)

What are your inspirations? My inspiration comes from a crowd full of bass faces. Bass connection with a room full of like minded strangers is the reason I do what I do.

How long have you been making music? 3 years

If you could play at any festival what one would you be your dream? I would go back in time and play at the Plaza of Nations, that place was super fun…  or Soundwave … or VEMF… But present time probably F.A.M.E. (Female Arts and Music Exhibition – Please click this link and help make this dream a reality )

Describe the feeling you have when in front of a crowd: I bounce between feeling connected, to forgetting other people are watching… Quite often I will get right into what I am playing and get myself dancing….. and have a moment of hesitation, like “do I dance or do I mix… hm.” I was born a performer though, and performing is what I live to do… Mixing wins.

Who is your biggest fan? Tosh Reed. Party boy number one.

Where is your favorite place to spin? Soundwise so far, Rehab Nightclub on PK Sound System. Community wise, DBlok Studios.

Do you have any mascot’s or charms? I have rather large black pom poms on my headphones.

What album best describes your life? Moby – Songs

Anything else you would like to say? Special thanks to my best friend Matt Dooher (aka. DJ Dezine) for spawning my love for bass and showing me the ropes. I would be no where without you. And another special thanks to him for bringing his partner Audrey Wong (aka. Deerface) into my life. Without Audrey I would still be only one dimensional with my style. You can catch Deerface and myself performing as Variant, and in the meantime you can find us at !

Catch Dara Data at the End of the Summer at FAME! (Female Arts and Music Exhibition) SEPTEMBER 5-7
A two day music and arts festival in the Okanagan showcasing female artists, DJ’s and performers from all over North America and the world.
As an annual music, dj culture and arts festival showcasing local, Canadian and global talent in the Electronic Dance Music industry, we aim to bring female talent into the spotlight by exhibiting community activities and performances that showcase the work of local artists and performers engaging with the wider visual arts scene in the Okanagan. By incorporating activities and engaging patrons in workshops aimed at health and wellness as well as boosting self esteem and encouraging dignity and integrity in the female community, we hope to attract visitors and media interest from outside the region for the cultural, social and economic benefit of the artists and wider community.


The F.A.M.E. Festival saw it’s launch in September 2013. After a year of hard work we were able to see our efforts come together for 3 days with an incredible display of community involvement and female talent featuring over 50 performers, artists and workshops. This project was spawned from a strong need for an event where evolved women of all kinds and all skills levels can encourage and support each other. In doing this we create a more grounding and confidence state of mind as we safety nurture, harness and enhance within each of us a new appreciation of Feminine Energy.

Aside from music and art we also incorporate health, wellness and healing workshops aimed at boosting self esteem and encouraging dignity and integrity in the female community.


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